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Change Management

How can I manage change to optimise my organisation's performance?

Once the core issues facing your business have been diagnosed you can change the culture and the business, and take it to anew level of performance.

Successful change initiatives work because they are well planned, well implemented by skilled and experienced managers who have a focused role of implementing best practice in change management.

Our experts' highly tailored consultancy and interventions will provide you with the insight and focus to:

  • Develop a holistic picture of the change and how your business deals with it 
  • Assess how best to ensure that change management supports your strategic objectives
  • Ensure that the business plans of strategic units do not conflict with the aims of change management
  • Develop a methodology that suits the organisations readiness for change
  • Work with line managers to ensure that plans are realistic while at the same time stretching
  • Develop a climate of change and improvement as the norm

This is achieved through:

  • Working with your key change team
  • Ensure that we as external consultants work with sponsors of the change 
  • Assess readiness for change and any potential pitfalls or resistance
  • Working with core managers and feeding back progress
  • Displaying leadership and integrity in promoting change  
  • Review progress with stakeholders
  • Design evaluation of the change
  • Develop robust processes to ensure that the change is sustained

The beauty of working with The Performance Tree is that you can delegate the coordination, integration and management of the various experts to deliver a comprehensive bespoke package to truly enhance your performance.

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