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How do I use profiling and behavioural diagnostics?

Behavioural profiles and cultural diagnostics are powerful tools to: 

  • Identify performance issues
  • Integrate and build teams
  • Develop leaders and managers
  • Provide meaningful appraisals
  • Enable powerful internal and external communication
  • Create high performance sales and customer service results

Below are descriptions of the profiles provided by our experts and how they can be used:


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Creative Thinking Styles

Based on the principles of the Walt Disney Strategy, teams can carry out a fun online profile to learn about their particular natural style with in the creativity and action planning process. Enables teams to be highly innovative while successfully assessing and actioning their ideas with the least risk possible.


From Clifton's survey with the Gallop organisation, 35 discrete strengths were identified and it is the unique combination of each person's top 5 strengths that determine their profile, roles to which they are most suited and how they can best be managed.

Belbin Team Performance

Simple profile that identifies the natural roles of individuals in their teams and acts as a guide to how differing profiles work effectively together and an individuals instinctive style of behaving under pressure.

DISC Profiling

William Moulton Marston developed disc which describes 4 categories of human response: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. DiSC profiling helps people to understand their own DISC style. DiSC enables people to understand when they need to work in a different style and that they can work in different styles it just may take more energy and effort. As a leader they can better lead and influence behaviour when they use the Diamond Rule "Teat others as they need to be treated". It allows them to understand the style of other members of their teams and develop strategies to deal with difficult behaviors.

Myers Briggs Personality Profile

The MBTI® instrument was developed with great care and has been used by people around the world for more than 20 years. Organizations use personality type information to improve communication, teamwork and leadership.

Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPR)

The top level of personality profiling which covers relationships with people, thinking styles and emotions and feelings. Analysis of this enables individuals to develop awareness of self and their influence on others while developing the understanding for working with others at a deeper level.

Empathy Profiling

Widely used in Australia and New Zealand, the Empathy model identifies 7 major drives or styles that we can recognise in people if we know what to look or listen for. This can then give us clues about how to successfully relate to that person and as teams.

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