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Specialist Areas

  • Accredited Courses in training the trainer from foundation to diploma level.
  • Learning Management Strategies
  • Masterclasses in key aspects of developing a learning environment
  • Review and Measurement of the impact of learning

Companies trained for

  • Captia,
  • Lloyds TSB,
  • Portman Building Society,
  • Norwich & Peterborough Building Society,
  • The Training Tree,
  • Spinal Injuries Scotland,
  • Forth Sector,
  • Qualifications and Cirriculum Authority,

The Learning Sanctuary


The Learning Sanctuary is a UK based provider of qualifications and master classes for everyone involved in learning and training, from those about to deliver a training session for the first time all the way through to senior executives responsible for directing the overall effectiveness of learning in an organisation.

The Learning Sanctuary was conceived by Neville Pritchard, formerly Director of Learning at Barclays Plc and Head of Group Training and Management Development at Abbey National. In both of these roles, and also as Chairman of the Financial Services Sector Skills Council  & UK President of ASTD, Neville had become increasingly frustrated  at the lack of formal, relevant, practical and cost effective qualifications and career development available to those within the learning & training profession.

His vision was to create a suite of internationally recognised qualifications that will help learning professionals develop not only their skills, but also their careers.

Whether you are a specialist training deliverer or designer, a learning consultant, a learning & development manager or even a learning executive it has been very difficult to find learning to complement your career pathway - that is of course up until now!

Working exclusively and in partnership with ITOL (Institute of Training and Occupational Learning), The Learning Sanctuary will provide a range of accredited qualifications to suit YOU.


Advanced Diploma in Learning Management (AdDipLM)


The purpose of this qualification programme is to recognise individuals' capability to fulfil a specialist leadership role in Learning and Development to a consistent industry standard. Individual leaders will be able to make the transition from operational management into strategic leadership of learning and development. Individuals will develop their ability to originate a relevant learning strategy and lead the implementation and application of an aligned, efficient and effective strategy to ensure they add value through their role.

The Advanced Diploma will enable those employed in learning and training management, or vocational education, to gain entry into the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning at Fellowship level, provided that other criteria concerning role responsibilities and experience are met.


Who Should Attend:

This programme is recommended for the following groups of people:

  • Senior or established training and development managers seeking to maximise the contribution of learning within their organisation
  • Senior or established training and development managers seeking to improve their personal credibility
  • Senior managers and leaders new to the responsibility of learning, training and development
  • Experienced learning and development consultants operating at a strategic and senior management level within their client organisations



The objectives for this programme have been categorised according to specific subject areas, which are listed below.


Strategic Leadership and General Management

  • Adopt and adapt appropriate leadership styles and apply them to a range of situations
  • Understand and contribute to organisational board level standards
  • Apply employment law appropriately to learning and development situations
  • Apply leadership and management principles to personal responses to organisational challenges
  • Build a learning strategy


Aligned and Integrated Learning and Development

  • Develop and lead strategic level collaboration across the organisation in meeting learning and development requirements
  • Identify and incorporate industry standards and leadership in the consistency and quality of output from learning and development personnel
  • Conduct, analyse and act upon an organisation learning audit in relation to purpose and governance
  • Provide an effective governance framework for people development activity, risk and spend
  • Effectively implement an agreed learning and development strategy
  • Apply enhanced business acumen to the alignment, governance and effectiveness of learning and development


Leading Organisational Learning and Development - efficiently, effectively and for sustained improvement

  • Identify and develop leading edge operational approaches and implementation
  • Take responsibility for, and lead continuous improvement in, the management of all risks related to people and learning and development
  • Conduct, analyse and act upon an organisation learning audit in relation to application and impact
  • Ensure the efficient and effective access to, supply or, and impact management of learning opportunities for individuals in the organisation
  • Build and communicate the business case for learning and development


The External Perspective: Globalisation, Outsourcing, Emerging Trends and Innovations

  • Take informed decisions in relation to the use of external resources and expertise
  • Build personal external networks
  • Apply the use of sound benchmarking
  • Appreciate and consider global developments in learning and development in relation to potential application within the organisation
  • Explore possible new approaches and apply futuristic thinking to establish an innovative environment within the organisation
  • Develop global learning strategies
  • Anticipate international and cultural differences in the implementation of learning support


Practical Leadership in Action

  • Identify practical issues with learning in the workplace and know how to resolve them
  • Identify practical issues with work-related learning project and know how to resolve them



The AdDipLM programme has been designed to reflect best practices in adult learning approaches. Formal taught workshops led by experienced facilitators are combined with self-managed learning approaches such as action learning sets, action research, peer reviewing and reflective practice.

Learning will be consolidated by the completion of two written assignments and a substantial work-based project, all of will require work in the learner's own time.


Programme Format and Duration:

This programme will be run in five blocks of two days each (ten days in total). Some preparation will be required between the parts of the programme and additional time will be needed to complete the assignments and project.

The programme will take approximately 12 months, as detailed below:

Month Activities
  • Resource pack and distance learning
  • Two-day workshop - 'Strategic Leadership and General Management'
  • Module research - individual, team and action learning basis
  • Start assignment in groups (3000 words)
  • Assignment research - individual, team and action learning basis
  • Group assignment work
  • Resource pack and distance learning
  • Two-day workshop - 'Aligned and Integrated Learning and Development'
  • Module research - including company visits
  • Group assignment work
  • Research - individual, team and action learning basis
  • Complete group assignment
  • Resource pack and distance learning
  • Two-day workshop - 'Leading Organisational Learning and Development - efficiently, effectively and for sustained improvement'
  • Research - individual, team and action learning basis
  • Start individual assignment (3000 words)
Six and Seven
  • Research - individual, team and action learning basis
  • Assignment work
  • Resource pack and distance learning
  • Two-day workshop - 'The External Perspective: Globalisation, Outsourcing, Emerging Trends and Innovations'
  • Research - individual, team and action learning basis
  • Complete individual assignment
  • Prepare for project
  • Project research/work
  • Learning set networking
  • Start project (8000 words)
  • Two-day workshop - 'Practical Leadership: Project Issues and Support Clinic'
  • Project research/work
  • Learning set networking
Eleven and Twelve
  • Project research/work
  • Learning set networking
  • Coaching support
  • Complete project



£2700 + VAT per person


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"Workbooks - well laid out and easy to read. Excellent reference material both in the body of the workbook and in the reference materials indicated. I found the Learning Log was a good way to consolidate my learning."

"Workshops - Energetic, interesting, informative and applicable to my role as trainer. There was a good mix of information, group work and consolidation exercises."

"Programme Trainer - Angela was excellent throughout the course, she took a genuine interest in the trainees and through her enthusiasm and first-rate delivery brought the course alive for me. Her wealth of knowledge is superb and this coupled with her commitment and dedication made the course enjoyable, interesting and ultimately important to me in gaining knowledge and experience to help me in my role as Senior Trainer and to gain the accreditation."

Norma Campbell, Capita


"I am delighted to lend my support to the work of The Learning Sanctuary. Anything that focuses on skills for those people directly involved in development will undoubtedly have an enormous positive impact on the skills agenda as a whole. This is a very positive initiative for Learning and Development professionals and I hope that it will provide a template which can be taken into other areas as well."

Dr Ken Boston, Chief Executive, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority